Brita Filter for the Future


Across the country, schools with water contamination issues are often forced to spend their already limited budgets on bottled water for their students and staff. Plastic water bottles are wasteful, expensive, and unsustainable. At Brita, we believe there is a better solution.

This year, as the #1 Brand in Water Filtration, Brita is committed to filtering out the plastic bottles so that schools can enjoy better water without the waste. Through our inaugural Filter for the Future grant program, we will provide schools with Brita hydration stations. These stations remove Lead and other contaminants from drinking water. With just one Brita hydration station filter, a school can replace 18,000 plastic bottles*. When you filter out the bad, you’re left with the good and that’s exactly what we want to help schools do.

Do you know of a school facing water contamination issues that has to rely on bottled water? Apply for the Filter for the Future grant today! Applying is easy. Here are a few key details:

Application Window: July 2 to October 15, 2018

Announcement of Grant Recipients: November 2018

Application Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Scale of problem
  2. Bottled water needs
  3. Total number of people served on-site
  4. Current sustainability education or future plans

Details on the Brita Hydration Stations Provided by the Grant:

The Brita hydration stations are indoor, wall-mounted units. These stations can replace any indoor drinking fountain. All they require is a water source and an electrical outlet. In most cases, they can replace any existing water fountain. Once installed, students can easily fill up their own reusable bottles. For further information, please see the Brita Hydration Station product information.

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Want to learn more about Brita and our mission to provide better water without the waste? Click here.

*Standard 16.09 oz bottles